Vegetarian Combos A-I

Meat Combos (no dairy) J-M

✓ Dessert Trays and Beverages Available

✓ Minimum Order: 10 identical Combos 

✓ Served in Aluminum Catering Trays 

✓ Meals Can Packaged Individually, add .75 per guest 

✓ Food is prepared fresh and is served Hot

✓ Pick - Up or Delivery Available. 

Oven Baked Vegetarian Lasagna served with steamed veggies( broccoli carrots and sweet peas), mixed green salad   with olive oil and balsamic and focaccia bread 

$18.95 per guest

Fusilli Primavera served with Greek Salad and Focaccia Bread 

$17.95 per guest


Penne in a tomato basil served with grilled veggie medley and homemade focaccia 

$15.95 per guest


Oven Baked Creamy mushroom rigatoni served with a garlic Bread with cheese and Garden Salad 

$17.95 per guest


Ricotta and Spinach filled manicotti served with roasted pepper mushroom and zucchini medley and homemade focaccia 

$17.95 per guest


Cheese Ravioli in creamy rosee sauce served with creamy Caesar salad (no bacon) and garlic bread  

18.95 per guest 


Stuffed Pasta Shells( ricotta and spinach)

Served with grilled veggie and potato medley and choice of salad and fresh bread 

$18.95 per guest


Eggplant Parmigiana served with Garden Salad  and homemade focaccia 

$16.95 per guest


Cheese Filled Tortellini in Rosee Sauce served with steamed veggies and mixed green salad and homemade Focaccia

$18.95 per guest


Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccine in garlic olive oil served with cranberry nut salad ( raspberry dressing) and homemade focaccia 

$17.95 per guest


Veal Marsala served with roast potato .and steamed veggies and mixed green salad with fresh bread 

$18.95 per guest


Roast Chicken Quarter served with roast potato and red pepper medley with garden salad and focaccia bread

$15.95 per guest


Grilled Chicken Breast served with fusilli in tomato basil sauce Tomato And Cucumber Salad  with fresh bread 

$18.95 per guest 


Chicken Breast Marsala topped with mushroom and wine glaze served with Spaghetti in Tomato Basil and fresh bread and mixed green salad 

$18.95 per guest

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