Hot and Cold Finger Food Trays
(ideal for business or social gatherings) 
(Displayed on 12 inch base trays with snap-on lids)

-Gourmet Pizza Squares: choose from potato/roasted pepper pizza, roast chicken and mushroom( pesto base), meditterane feta and fresh tomato,garden vegetarian ,meat lovers, sausage and onion, or just cheese and basil( tomato sauce pizza)

-Roast Italian Sausage Bites (pork only, hot and mild) 34.95
-Beef Meatballs in sauce (35) 39.95
-Breaded Chicken Breast Cutlets (bite size), served with homemade

Honey Dijon 39.95 tray  ( 12 inch tray)
-Grilled Chicken Breast and Veggie Skewers 2.95
-Vegetarian Skewers  2.95
-Shrimp and Veg Skewers 2.95 each
-Tomato Basil Bruschetta 29.95
-Grilled Veg and Pesto Bruschetta 29.95
-Roasted Pepper and Caramelized Onion Frittata Squares 29.95
-Tomato and Red Onion Rosemary Focaccia Squares 25.95 (no Cheese)
-Gourmet Pizza Squares( Veg and Meat, trays can be mixed) 34.95
-Mini risotto balls( served with marinara dipping sauce) 39.95 ( 35-40) Medium size rice balls 2.50 each Large Rice Balls 3.50 each – all rice/ risotto balls are vegetarian ( peas and ground beef Raghu filling is optional)
-Mini Grilled Zucchini , Roasted Pepper and Havarti Wraps 34.95
-Veggie Croquettes( served with marinara sauce) 34.95

-Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks 1.95 each
-Sliced Tomato and Bocconcino cheese bites 35.95

Full Antipasto Tray      -12 inch  59.95          -16 inch  89.95
Choice of 2 cured deli meats  Fresh tomato, olives,  Bocconcini cheese, provolone cheese
Cucumber, grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant )
-Grilled Sliced Veggie Platter 12 inch 39.95    16 inch 79.95
-Homemade Focaccia( superb accompaniment to Antipasto Tray and Grilled Veggie Trays)  2 Varieties:
Margherita-tomato basil, olive oil and Parmigiano 22.95
Olive Oil and Sea Salt 19.95 per wheel ( cut in diamonds)
-Rustic  garlic rusks( superb accompaniment to Antipasto tray 19.95

-Hand Cut Organic Sweet Potato Fries small tray (8-12) 29.95 lg tray(12-18) 79.95 Extra Large deep tray 99.95  ( 20-35 guests)
5 Great Gourmet Salads:
– Mixed greens in raspberry dressing (contains fruit and nuts)
– Fresh Garden Salad in Olive Oil and Balsamic (crisp lettuces topped with fresh tomatoes cucumber red onion and carrot
– Traditional Greek Salad with Goat Feta
– Traditional Caesar Salad (no bacon)
– Honey Almond Salad (creamy Dijon dressing contains fruit and nuts)